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Rooflights and Balustrades

Open up your residence to another dimension and truly embrace the feeling of outdoors inside with our selection of roof lights to bring light into your home and range of Balustrades to bring you closer to nature.

contemporary styling, high quality, weather resistant roof light

Raise the Roof

Innovative, inviting and easily integrated in any building, Crystal Clear provide industry leading rooflights and Balustrades in a wide selection of choices which can be configured and designed to your exact wishes. Made from top-grade aluminium frames and double of triple glazed glass, they present excellent energy efficiency, adaptability and safety.

We are proud to collaborate with a number of world renowned names on the market whose experience, knowledge and design finesse is put into each and every product.

A Balcony of Brilliance

Balustrades – Give your property the wow factor with our collection of Juliette and Glass Balustrades. These can either be attached to your upper level rooms to utilise French doors and open your living space to the outdoors, or as an innovative extension where the glass balcony comes into a world of its on.

rooflight in modern living room
flat rooflight in modern living room

Crystal Clear Lighting The Way

The in-house professional team at Crystal Clear are highly experience in fitting rooflights and Balustrades in the Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and surrounding South West area. Call or discuss with us how best we can bring your property into another dimension.