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Aluminium Windows
Origin OW-80

A premium product with a personalised finish, Origin OW-80 are tailor-made to your specification and built bespoke to your exact sizing. With a choice of over 150 colours and a variety of materials to choose from, design an Origin window that is unique to you.

20 Year guarantee, expert installation, energy efficient

Industry Leaders

Tried and tested time and time again, the Origin OW-80 window is built with exceptional craftsmanship that promises an industry-leading warranty of up to 20 years. It’s this guarantee in the long-lasting system which makes it the perfect choice due to the rigorous stages of quality controlling the product. This particular design features a specialised internal and external flush casement which sits perfectly in line with the frame, presenting an attractive finish inside and outside of the home.

Purpose Built For You

Designed, built and tested in the UK, the high standard of aluminium used in the product allows more natural light to grace your home. It’s truly adaptable to suit your interior style and can be manufactured in over 150 colours. However, if you prefer a more traditional finish there is an opportunity to select a woodgrain option which delivers that wood look of natural oak, golden oak, mahogany or walnut, but with the added benefits that come with premium grade aluminium. The choices don’t stop there as you can choose a handle that is colour co-ordinated with your frame. Each window is delivered to offer the highest levels of security, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is PAS 24 certified.

Colour Options

Both the OW-70 and OW-80 can be manufactured in over 150 RAL shades, and our collection covers the wild, the wonderful and the classics. Therefore, from the subtle to the slightly outrageous, you can guarantee there will be a colour to suit every Origin Home. Further to this, most of these colours can then be specified to have a gloss, matt or satin finish, so you’re sure to find a colour scheme and finish to inspire.

Made The Way You Want

Thanks to its totally bespoke design, the OW-80 can be built to fit almost any size and configuration. From top hung to right hung, left hung, French windows and fixed frames, there are plenty of options to choose from. As with all windows, there are some size and weight limitations to consider. when investing in Origin windows. For the OW-80 these are:

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Origin OW-80 Aluminium Windows are available in the following dimensions:

Side Hung Max Width
Side Hung Max Height
Side Hung Max Weight
Top Hung Max Width
Top Hung Max Height
Top Hung Max Weight
French Window Max Width
French Window Max Height
French Window Max Weight


Rest assured – the handles of the Origin Premium Window have been given the same attention to detail as every other component, and are the perfect finishing touch to the elegantly designed window, mirroring its sophistication, functionality and security. Whether in a premium metallic or one of Origin’s industry-unique colour-coordinated options, you can be sure of a contemporary handle which offers the same faultless performance as from the window itself.

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Discuss the wide variety of options and styles of the Origin OW-80 window with our highly skilled team and request a free quote for your property. Our team promise to provide the right product for the right price and will always compromise and delivery and instalment for a time that is right for you.