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Sliding Doors
Raynaers CP 130 LS

Glide into action with the superior insulated sliding door that combines high security with high weather performance.

Genuinely effortless, High preforming, energy efficient

The ultimate sliding door

Providing the very best in both stability and insulation, the Reynaers CP 130 Lift and Slide Door System allows you to invest in larger door sizes which opens with a single handle. It slides into operation with ease thanks to the handle operating glide mechanism. It’s the perfect solution for those wanting a seamless and clear continuity between their indoor and outdoor areas. The innovative open corner system designed exclusively for Raynaers means that the doors meet in the corner with no fixed corner post to interrupt your view.

Complete Customisation

With hundreds of colours of frames to choose from, with the option to have a different shade inside and out, the look can be completely customised to you. Due to its high grade of aluminium and coating it features low maintenance qualities giving you more time to sit back and enjoy the view.

Industry Leading Performance

Decide between double or triple glazed glass for these sliding doors depending on your needs and budget. Its industry leading performance is certainly of satisfaction to our customers who trust these sliding doors for their performance on thermal insulation, weather resistance, noise reduction and security. Plus, it has a U-Value as low as 1.1 making it very energy efficient.


Ideal for most residential applications, the Raynaers have a maximum element height of 2.7m and a maximum vent weight of 300kg. The 23mm, 18.6mm and 32mm fibre glass reinforced polyamide strips along with its extra insulation gaskets present great installation for whether you choose a two or three multiple sliding door.

Used in over 60 countries and featured on some of the world’s most iconic buildings used by leading architects, we are sure that you’ll love this residential system for the home. Contact our professional team now to discuss how they will fit best in your property.