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Slimline Rooflights

Slim, beautiful sightlines are here to stay with these strong and secure but thermally efficient rooflights, it’s proven to be sustainably stronger than competitors.

contemporary styling, high quality, weather resistant roof light

Chameleon Like Configuration

Your home’s roof lantern deserves careful consideration to ensure it complements your living space in the best possible way. The ideal roof lantern should allow ample sunlight to flood in while simultaneously acting as an efficient heat retainer. Furthermore, it should provide added security by discouraging any unwelcome visitors.

Introducing the Titan S1

Crystal Clear proudly presents the award-winning aluminium S1 roof lantern, renowned for its top-notch security in the UK. In fact, we invested in the S1 aluminium roof lantern as it aims to meet your every need. Building on years of experience, we only work with the most reputable manufacturers who incorporate many new innovative ideas to create warmer, slimmer and much more secure roof lanterns for your home.

A Class Of Its Own

The Titan S1 Roof lantern is complete with Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal technology, helping you keep the bills low and savings high. The super strong structure can be configured up to 3.2 x 6m thanks to its deep internal bars. With it’s ultra low profile it gives for a great architectural feature, providing both an aesthetic feature and uncompromised functionality.


This slimline roof lantern boasts an exclusive co-extruded perimeter seal that effectively wards off draughts and rain, guaranteeing a secure and weather-resistant enclosure. On top of this, the option to use 28mm glazing allows you the flexibility to install acoustic dampening glass, delivering a quiet and serene atmosphere whenever you choose.

Top Notch Security

Now, with the exclusive Secured by Design (SBD) upgrade option, you can elevate your roof lantern’s defenses even further. Endorsed by the police, SBD highlights products with superior security features. This optional upgrade reinforces your S1 aluminium roof lantern, providing an extra level of protection against potential intruders, guaranteeing you greater peace of mind.

With the optional upgrade, we introduce additional security clamping plates, which firmly lock the SBD lantern’s laminated glass panels in position, thwarting any attempts by potential intruders to lift or remove them. This exceptional feature remains effective even if rafter top caps have been removed. The clamping plates, constructed from robust stainless steel components, are further reinforced with stainless steel security screws to ensure unparalleled strength and protection.

To see just how impressive the slimline rooflight is, visit our showroom or speak to one of our knowledgeable team about how this system is best suited for you.

rooflight in modern living room