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Roseveiw Vertical sliding sash

More than just a window, with outstanding authenticity and amazing thermal performance, the Ultimate Rose is a fully functional work of art.

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Ultimate Rose Sash Windows


Unbeatably authentic, the Ultimate Rose sash window is the pinnacle of sliding sash windows. The best aspects of modern uPVC materials and an indistinguishable timber aesthetic offer the greatest timber alternative sliding sash solution. Featuring our innovative and irreplicable 35mm midrail, it has a slim and sleek design that creates unparalleled style. Seamless run through horns and an internal interlock are just some of our handcrafted finishing touches that complete the look of these distinguished sliding sash windows.

But the Ultimate Rose isn’t just the ultimate in terms of style; it will also provide your homeowners with fantastic performance. A rated for its thermal efficiency, it’ll keep homes warm throughout the year, potentially also saving customers on heating costs. While the heat stays inside, noise will be kept out, with our Ultimate Rose windows providing sound reduction, keeping your customer’s interior peaceful and quiet.

Unmatched Timber Aesthetics

As the name would suggest, our Ultimate Rose windows offer the ultimate in timber aesthetics, redefining tradition. To achieve this, they feature an ultra slim midrail, true end-sealed mechanical joints, seamless construction and run-through horns, as well as extended options like chalk finishes, deep cills and staff beads.

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Model Details

Technical Details

  • Maximum width: 1500mm
  • Maximum height: 3000mm
  • Frame depth: 137mm
  • Meeting rail: 35mm
  • Deep bottom rail: 81mm
  • Cill depths: 149mm and 225mm
  • Glazing: 28mm IGUs
  • Standard finishes: Chalk, Cream, White Woodgrain & Crystal White
  • WER energy rating: A

Standard Features

  • Profile detail: Putty line
  • Meeting Rail: 35mm seamless
  • Corner detail: True mechanical
  • Deep bottom rail: Standard
  • Seamless Run Through Horns
  • Astragal bars: Authentic
  • Furniture: Globe

Optional Features

  • No horn
  • Seahorse sash horn
  • Chamber cover
  • Deep cill
  • Removeable staff bead
  • Part Q/PAS24/SBD
  • Trickle vents – Eclipse, Concealed, Frame, Sash
  • ThermoVFlex – 1.2 u-value
  • 1.4 u-value (glass)

Ultra Slim Meeting Rail

Our Ultimate Rose windows use a 35mm meeting rail, the slimmest meeting rail available. Significantly thinner than most meeting rails, it ensures the authentic timber replication of our sliding sash windows. This incredibly slim design feature makes the meeting rail look like a single solid piece of timber, keeping the wooden aesthetic. It’s a small but essential design feature that reflects the attention to detail Roseview take towards our sash windows.

Authentic Mechanical Joints

Pushing the boundaries of timber replication, we have developed true end-sealed mechanical joints that capture the look of traditional sliding sash windows. We ensure that every join of our uPVC sliding sash windows is finished in a butt joint, a distinct timber stylistic feature. These joints are also constructed in the same fashion as timber – horizontal on the frame and vertical on the sashes. Homeowners get authentic style with an modern performance.

Run Through Horns

One of our most innovative design choices was our decision to use seamless run through horns on our uPVC sliding sash windows. This recreates the style commonly found on Edwardian and Victorian timber windows and is a great finishing touch for homeowners looking for perfect timber style. What sets these apart from other sash windows is that the horns have no visible cap, seam or shadow line. However, to give you and your homeowners an extra level of choice, we include the option to forgo the run through horns, making the Ultimate Rose sash window perfect for matching the Georgian style.

Seahorse Sash Horn

As an upgrade option, we offer a classic curved horn, which is typical of traditional hardwood sash windows from the 19th century. Although these sash horns were purely decorative, they were often used by joiners to demonstrate superior craftsmanship.

Chamber Cover

A new decorative feature exclusively available to Ultimate Rose, the chamber cover is an innovative new system that provides a seamless finish to the external window while providing a traditional appearance that you can’t get on any other uPVC sash window. The chamber cover comes as an optional extra which can be colour matched and finished for any project.

Foiled Finishes

Colour and finishes are an integral finishing touch for our Ultimate Rose windows. They will allow your customers to match our uPVC sliding sash windows perfectly to their home’s style and decor. We offer several wood effect options to provide a great replacement to timber windows. However, we also have the option for our Ultimate Rose windows to be finished in any RAL colour, or with a unique chalked finish that imitates painted timber.

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