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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Attractive, adaptable and ahead of the times, Crystal Clear’s range of Vertical Sliding Sash Windows bring together traditional looks with long-lasting results from leaders in the industry.

contemporary styling, high quality, weather resistant windows

From Timely To Technologically Sound

Taking the classic look and feel of old timber windows, uPVC sash windows provide a low maintenance alternative that allows you to reap all the benefits of contemporary specifications. Energy efficient, highly secure and easy to use, gone are the days of facing issues associated with timber because now you can welcome a window that provides style and substance. Retain the character look of your home, whatever its age, or add an elegant finish to your new build with a product that holds elegance and class.

There are many additional features when considering to invest in a double or triple glazed sash window. From two titling and vertical sliding sashes, high-quality balances, traditional run through sash horns, brush seals around the opening and the latest security features which are tested to the highest of standards. Plus, they range in styles, sizes, colours, finish and hardware to make the product truly bespoke to you.

Let The Specialists Assist You

Crystal Clear specialise in the full replacement of uPVC, composite and aluminium sash windows. On most occasions we can remove and refit the windows without changing the internal finish and if require we can replace rotten and damaged timber liners with sympathetic replacement materials which complement the installation on completion. We only use the best manufacturers in the industry and rely on Eurosash and Quickslide time and time again for vertical sliding sash windows.

See Clearly With Crystal Clear

A truly bespoke window that addresses your needs with adding new windows or replacing traditional timber frames, let Crystal Clear advice you on what product would fit best in your property. Receive a free quote and our guaranteed 10 year warranty on every purchase that you make.

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