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Customer Service

Customer Service Department

Crystal Clear do not operate an 24 hour emergency services and can only attend your property in normal working hours (normally 7.30 to 4.30 Monday to Friday) on occasions by prior arrangement times outside of these can be accommodated.

If your issue is outside of these normal working times, please email and on our return we will contact you to address the problem,  alternately you can call our offices and speak directly to one of our team in offices hours who will address your issues and arrange for any service works to be carried out.

Product Maintenance

White and foiled PVCu & Aluminium  Frames

PVCu & Aluminium in general requires very little maintenance apart from a wipe over with a soft damp cloth with a little detergent for most marks.

For more stubborn marks a little cream cleaner can be used on solid colour frames.

For coloured frames with marks which can’t be removed by the above please consult of customer service department with your problem and we’re sure we can find a solution.


Hardware is slightly different and requires cleaning with a damp cloth with a detergent only.

Extra Keys

If you require more keys for your doors please purchase them from the manufacture if possible you may have the High security keys these will have a key code and this will enable replacment to be purchsed direct from the supplier. Only get new keys cut from a specalist lock smiths, keys from B&Q or Timpson or the like can cause problems and often require replacment. if you require further help we are here to help!

Window keys are normally the same on the handles you will have so if you need more let us know and we would normally be able to source them for you.


Maintenance of all of the moving parts is similar on all windows doors and conservatories, all of the moving parts will benefit from a light oiling or you can use a light silicone lubricant (this can be silicone spray), all keep plates and moving locking points can also be lubricated with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) this will keep them smooth when operating.


Please never use any type of penetrating lubricant (wd40 type spray or simalar) on any hardware this will invalidate any warranty as it will strip all the inbuilt lubrication from manufacture.