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Slimline Rooflights Korniche

Slim, beautiful sightlines are here to stay with these strong and secure but thermally efficient rooflights, it’s proven to be sustainably stronger than competitors.

contemporary styling, high quality, weather resistant roof light

Chameleon Like Configuration

Designed with narrow minimal glazing bar connectors in order to maximise the natural light, these are a true statement piece for any residential and commercial property. Adaptable to any style of home in any colour you wish, it’s a true chameleon of a product which can be configured to however big or small your needs are.

Power Styling

Paired with the sculpted bosses the slimline roof lights present a look which resembles hand crafted timber constructed lanterns. Traditional in look but not in technology, this system is certainly powerful. The resin powder coated aluminium profile is applied to standard colours such as matt black, matt grey and gloss white which can be applied in any internal and external combination to retain durability. But for something truly out of the box we can also supply the roof in any bespoke colour of your choice based on its RAL or BS code. Self cleaning glass options are also available to suite every taste with a selection of glass styles of clear, neutral, tinted, bronze, blue and aqua.

A Class Of Its Own

At only 57mm wide, the hip and ridge sections are one of the slimmest out there. But slim lines doesn’t mean slim in quality as its high performance glazing enters a class of its own when it comes to reducing heat transfer. With 24mm double glazing, its complete roof U-Value of 1.2 provides your home with a comfortable temperature all year round.

Every Solution Sorted

No matter how big or small your property, we have just the solution for you which incorporates all of the system’s outstanding specifications. Design optimisations ensures that the Korniche manufacturer has the largest glass spans and fewest rafter currently on the market. It’s so unparalleled in strength, a 6m x 4m roof lantern can support over 8 tonnes. Now that is impressive.

To see just how impressive the slimline rooflight is, visit our showroom or speak to one of our knowledgeable team about how this system is best suited for you.

rooflight in modern living room