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Why Choose a Stable Door

Stables Doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners wanting to replace their existing back doors. The versatility of the design means there are many benefits to having a stable door and with modern uPVC materials, you no longer have to choose between beautiful wooden design versus good functionality in keeping drafts out.

In the Past

The stable door was originally used in the stables of a farm. Designed to keep horses and other animals in, the door was designed to operate with the lower half able to be closed whilst the top half could be opened. This way animals such as horses could be kept within their stall whilst still allowing air to circulate. It also has the added benefit that the horse can stand at the door with its head out the top half, able to view what is going on.

Historically stable doors have also been used as the back door of farmhouses. Back in the day when the chickens, ducks and dogs would have been roaming around the farmhouse, the stable door allowed ventilation into the house or kitchen, without letting in the farm animals

In the Modern Home

Now however there is increasing popularity in having a stable door as a back door within the modern or country-style home, allowing for a robust and secure design that lets natural light and fresh air into the home. As technology has developed for windows and doors along with new materials, the stable door is now a viable option for all homes with a choice of lovely designs, colours and window options.

Choose a Beautiful Design

There are a whole myriad of choices of styles and colours for the design of a stable door and with modern doors made from uPVC, they now have fantastic security and insulation properties. Whether you want tongue and groove effect in the bottom half of the door to replicate pieces of wood like the traditional stable door, or whether you want the more modern 4 panel door look, there are options to suit everyone.

Choose from a range of Colours

The great benefit of the modern uPVC stable door is that you choose not only the colour that shows externally but also the internal colour. So, if you want a cottagey green for the outside, you can still have a white side to the door internally, that will still look modern and aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen or hallway.

Choose the Type of Window

Traditionally stable doors used to have no window or just a small window in the top half to let light in. Today however, you can choose to have the whole top half as a window. If there isn’t space in your wall to have both a doorway and a window, the stable door can be a two-in-one solution.

In the same way as a window, the stable door is a convenient and easy way to allow air to circulate your room without opening the whole door.

Choose a Pet-free Kitchen

For dog owners, the stable door’s unique features are particularly useful. For those times when you just need to keep the dogs out of the house while you have guests or young children around, the split door allows you to keep an eye on the dogs in the garden, whilst preventing them from coming into the house.

Choose a Stable Door for Your Home 

If you are considering replacing your back door with a stable door, we’d love to help you choose the perfect design and colour. Why not pop into our showroom? or give our team of experts a call on 0117 911 0272.