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Integrated Blinds

As specialists in windows and doors, Crystal Clear provide the whole package from start to finish and that even includes integrated blinds for when you want to shut away the outdoors or shed a little shade into your home.

Blinds To Suit All Sizes

Our relentless commitment to customer service ensures that each and every project is completed to perfection and that you can depend on us for high-quality glazing, sealed units and integrated blinds to suit all sizes of windows and doors.

Always investigating in the best materials on the market, we utilise the most advanced processing technology combined with a rigorous quality control system to produce a professional product that we are proud of.

Only choosing from industry leaders, all our systems feature the world’s number one integrated blind system ScreenLine®. Designed and produced just outside of Milan, the blind systems are simply stunning by design and hand finished to ensure they meet high targets during stringent quality control tests.

C- System

Designed with rotational, frontal magnetic control for raising and tilting a Venetian or pleated blind, the C system is integrated within a double-glazed unit. It takes the force produced by two coupled, rational, magnetic devices and presents a professional and efficient system. One set of magnets is inserted into the blind head rail within the cavity, while the other is applied to the external glass surface. Providing the perfect integration with the double-glazing unit, the magnet principle does not compromise the unit seal.

SV System - Cordless

An alternative integrated blind provided by ScreenLine® is the SL20SV system. It is a manually operated sliding Venetian or pleated blind which features a single yet smart magnetic slider to control the whole operation. Positioned on a narrow slide guide on the edge of the sealed unit, this allows the blind to be raised, lowered and titled with ease and completely cord free.

All of the ScreenLine® blind systems are safe by design and Screenline UK is a member of the ‘Make It Safe’ campaign giving you peace of mind. There is a five year guarantee on each of the blinds and a two year warranty on all external components.