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How to Clean uPVC Doors

To ensure that your doors are looking the best they can, from time to time you’ll need to maintain them with a simple clean. Over the course of a year grime, cobwebs, dirt and bugs can build up and make it look untidy. This can easily be fixed with some everyday household items that will make it look as good as new in no time. Whether it’s uPVC patio doors or uPVC french doors they’re all pretty low maintenance, so it won’t be a frequent action that needs to be carried out, but as and when required or when you feel the door needs a spruce up.


What You Need to Clean a uPVC Door

The best solution for cleaning a uPVC door is warm soapy water. Nothing expensive, just simple and effective. Using a soft sponge or micro-fibre cloth wash down the door from top to bottom to remove the dirt, paying close attention to the creases and hard-to-reach areas where grime can build up.


What Not to Use on Your uPVC Door

There are a number of items to avoid when you clean uPVC doors. This includes scouring pads and iron wool to prevent any scratches, as well as harsh materials such as bleaches which could damage the material and hinder your warranty. This includes products such as white spirit, WD40 and methylated spirits.


Cleaning a uPVC Door Frame

You want to make sure that you reach every angle of the door frame for a complete clean, especially at those hard-to-reach areas such as the top and bottom. The brush nozzle found on a standard hoover is a good option but don’t brush the door itself as this could potentially cause scratches. This is a particularly effective tool for sliding doors when gathering items that have come in from the outside.


Cleaning the Handle

The handle is the most touched part of any door which means it is prone to the build-up of germs and bacteria. This is also easy to clean with an antibacterial solution or spray to wipe down the handle. Add this to your regular cleaning routine to keep germs away.


How to Clean the Glass

To clean the glass panel featured on a uPVC door, warm soapy water is an effective solution to keep it looking pristine whilst reaching for those cracks in the panels to avoid the build-up of dirt and grime.


For More Information?

Here at Crystal Clear, we care about quality, and your experience. We know that not every window or door is made the same, and that they require different methods of maintenance in order to give them the best care over the course of their life. Check out our section of maintenance guides to help prolong the life of your door or window.


Please never use any penetrating sprays such as WD40 or Double TT.
We recommend the use or 3 in 1 oil, spray oil, light grease or silicone spray to lubricate your moving parts.