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How to Clean Sliding Doors

With any kind of door for the home, it’s important to upkeep its physical appearance and operational assets to keep it working to its fullest. Sliding doors in particular are ones to pay attention to during maintenance because they can easily trap dirt and stones which can make them difficult to open and close.

How often are we opening these doors and bringing in another piece of the outside? Over time this will build up on the track making it more of a challenge to open over time. By keeping up with keeping it clean, you’ll thank yourself later.


Routine cleaning should be done every week to stop any build-up, and then a monthly deep clean of the tracks that’s more intense. By doing this regularly the process will become less time-consuming.



What to Use to Clean a Sliding Door

To clean your sliding door you’ll need a number of items. Don’t just pull any old household item, the correct ones are vital so that you don’t cause any scratches and make sure that the door is looking pristine.

Luckily, these don’t cost much and most probably will be found in your house already. This includes a vacuum, water, cleaning solution, paper towels, cloths, brush, butter knife and non-abrasive sponges. Soft sponges or micro-fibre cloths in particular are an important part and can be found in any supermarket or DIY shop.


What Not to Use

To avoid scratching the window surface, don’t use items such as iron wool, scouring pads or abrasive chemicals such as WD40, white spirit and methylated spirits as this can damage the finish on the frame.


Cleaning the Glass

When cleaning the glass, give the doors a wipe down using fresh water without soap and then dry them with a cloth or paper towel. Then using a gentle solution of warm soapy water give the doors a second wipe-down using a non-abrasive sponge.

To ensure that every angle is covered move in an ’s’ motion to get rid of all the dirt for optimum coverage. Remove any excess water with a squeegee straight away and repeat if you feel the need to. Finally use a dry newspaper to finish.


Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks

As well as the window itself, you’ll need to clean the sliding door tracks to remove the build-up of stone and dirt that have been brought in from the outside.


Start by Vacuuming

First, use a dustpan and brush or your hands to scoop up and remove any grime and then continue to hoover up for ultimate coverage.


Apply Cleaning Solution

A suitable cleaning solution can be made at home using denatured alcohol, detergent and white vinegar. Mix these contents into a spray bottle and apply to the whole of the track and wipe down afterwards.

Ensure that there is no liquid left on the door. An alternative combination is applying baking soda and then the vinegar solution. Apply and then let it fizz for around 10 minutes.


Scrub the Tracks

Once you’ve reached 10 minutes, with a small brush with firm bristles that won’t damage the door, scrub away all the dirt and dust you can see on the track with a paper towel. A small brush could be something simple like a toothbrush or wire brush.


Get in the Corners

You want to get into the cracks and hard-to-reach places of the door for a complete clean. A knife or similar sharp object will help you reach those tough places but don’t be too heavy-handed that you leave any marks.


Lubricate the Track

The free movement of the sliding door is what makes it functional on a day-to-day basis. Add a silicone-based lubricant to the small holes in the edge of the door for the wheels to turn smoothly. But double-check that the solution is suitable for your product.


Test the Doors

Finally, you want to ensure that they are working properly after a full clean. Slide them back and forth a number of times to break them in so that they don’t seize up after maintenance.


Things to be Cautious Of

We want your doors to be working at their best and also for your safety to be taken care of. Clean the tracks at least once a week and apply a lubricant once every two months. Use protective wear if allergic to any substances and take care when using sharp tools. Also, make sure the area is clean and free of liquid to avoid any slippages.


For More Information?

Here at Crystal Clear, we care about quality, and your experience. We know that not every window or door is made the same, and that they require different methods of maintenance in order to give them the best care over the course of their life. Check out our section of maintenance guides to help prolong the life of your door or window.


Please never use any penetrating sprays such as WD40 or Double TT.
We recommend the use or 3 in 1 oil, spray oil, light grease or silicone spray to lubricate your moving parts.