What to Consider when Choosing Conservatory Blinds

What to consider when choosing Conservatory BlindsYou’ve just invested in a new conservatory for your home and it looks fantastic. The new addition has provided the extra space you have longed for and you now have a room ideal for relaxing, dining and socialising.

Choosing the right Conservatory will have been something you’d considered thoroughly and deciding upon the right blinds should not be taken lightly either. If you want to continue making the most of your space and ensuring that it looks great too, you’ll need blinds that reflect your personality as well as those that withstand the often demanding conservatory environment.

Take a look below for more information and let us explain:

What to Consider First and Foremost

If you have already begun to look for blinds you have likely discovered that it is a surprisingly difficult tasks with a multitude of designs, makes, models and materials on offer.

  1. We suggest that you begin here, by considering whether your potential blinds are fit for purpose. In our eyes this is the first and most important consideration. Ask yourself, which you should have already done so when installing your conservatory, what has it been designed for. Do you use your conservatory as an open dining area, a retreat on a sunny afternoon with a good book, a staging area for parties and guests, or just a place for your children to play freely? It is a great place to start as blinds can offer protection against the sun, insulate against the cold and should prove safe when children are concerned.
  2. Colour is a simple consideration but can make a huge difference. Neutral and pastel colours are both cool and calming whilst darker colours can make the space feel more cosy; just remember that your colour choice needs to reflect the overall feel of the room.
  3. There are a multitude of fabrics on offer when it comes to conservatory blinds, which not only look great but can provide a certain amount of It is important to not only consider those that look great but which perform well in a challenging conservatory environment experiencing the extremes of hot and cold. It is therefore a good idea to consider whether your conservatory is south facing or otherwise and from there decide whether you need to focus on protection against the sun or insulation against the cold.
  4. Many people enjoy the luxury of Automated Blinds. If you’re into your gadgets this is a great way to bring a bit of tech into your conservatory where you can adjust the light filtration at the push of a button.
  5. The trouble with indoor/outdoor living experienced with conservatories or orangeries is that in order to do so you compromise your privacy. Made up considerably of glass, conservatories can often lend themselves to prying eyes. Therefore when purchasing blinds ask yourself how you want to tackle the issue. Why? Well, it is all very well putting up blinds for privacy but then you are limiting sunlight into the space. Carefully consider the style of your blind and you can have the best of both worlds.

A Brief Guide to Blind Styles

Roller Blinds – Offering thermal protection you have one roller for each ‘section’ of window and are then able to move as the sun does. Relatively light in weight roller blinds won’t put any significant pressure on the window frame. Great for light control and insulation, roller blinds can also be fully retracted for ease of cleaning.

However in terms of durability these aren’t a great option as they often fade rather quickly in the sun.

Vertical Blinds – With many draw options vertical blinds ensure light control, insulation and privacy provisions. Like roller blinds these aren’t overly heavy and again will not put any significant strain on the window frame. Easily detachable you can also buy washable blinds or replace for a little as 50p a slat.

However, similarly to roller blinds these will also fade in time.

Pleated Blinds – Particularly favourable around children, pleated blinds are ideal for rebated shapes giving a tailored look with minimal gaps. Available in a range of colours and textures, they offer heat reflection and insulation and you are easily able to control the amount of sun, glare, light or heat that enters the room. However, there is minimal control over both privacy and light combined as they are either up or down.

Wooden and venetian Blinds– Stylish wooden blinds often can’t stand the temperatures conservatories are subjected to. In our opinion aluminium is the greatest choice in terms of venetian blinds. They won’t discolour and are also light enough not to force any strain on the window frames. Aluminium venetian blinds are a fantastic overall choice controlling both light and privacy and are a reasonable insulator all year round too.

Roman Blinds – These popular made to measure blinds are perhaps the best choice in terms of insulation and protection against the sun. And whatever your style virtually any fabric can be used. However, most roman blinds are lined with a blackout fabric in order to control light and as a result are incredibly heavy when fixed to window frames.

Don’t Yet Have a Conservatory?

At Crystal Clear we install any conservatory design to suit your requirements, whether that’s a Lean To or a complex Hipped Back design. Our team of experts are more than happy to discuss any design concept you may have for your conservatory, and provide advice and information regarding the best options for you.

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