Viiu Doors

Viiu Slimline Aluminium Doors

Have you got a beautiful view you’d love to see more of? Maybe you’re lucky enough to look out onto a breath-taking city skyline, the crashing waves in a seaside town or a garden that you’ve worked tirelessly on throughout the year.

These slimline aluminium sliding doors are the epitome of modern design by combining outstanding performance with an almost frameless design to flood your home with natural light and impressive panoramic views.

Working with Viiu – pronounced “view” – we bring you these ceiling to floor glass aluminium doors that have been honed to perfection with cutting-edge performance and aesthetics.  

Why Choose Viiu Doors?

Floor to ceiling glass is more popular than ever but these sliding doors have taken it to a new level with streamlined aluminium frames to maximise your natural light and outdoors view.

The symmetrical design has been manufactured in a way that is strong and tough enough to move glass sections up to 750kg in weight effortlessly.

Flawless Functionality

The performance of the doors isn’t compromised at all with revolutionary performance that has undergone many tests to ensure the highest quality.


These aluminium streamline doors have a unique electronic locking mechanism that is cleverly concealed in the frame which also maximises transparent space and gives it a symmetrical appearance.

Energy Efficient

Viiu has also worked hard to ensure that these doors are energy efficient so they’re also ideal if you’re looking to cut both your energy bills and carbon footprint. Their exceptional thermal performance has seen them awarded the prestigious Minergie label.

Motorised Door

To maximise convenience, a motorised Viiu door is also available which can be discreetly housed in the frame of the unit. There is automatic obstruction detection in place also to prevent any accidents.

We’re an Authorised Chosen Supplier

Equally as important as an outstanding product is an outstanding installation. Because it is not like any other sliding door on the market, that means it is not installed like any other so we have been rigorously trained as a chosen supplier of Viiu Aluminium Sliding Doors.

Get in Touch

We are passionate about these doors and would love to answer any and all questions you have. Pop by and visit us in our Bristol showroom or give us a call on 01179 717 880.