The Uk’s Most Scenic Views

Having said goodbye to warm summer days and long summer evenings, it’s clear that we are truly in the midst of the Great British Autumn.

Most of us have packed away the patio furniture and are instead opting for cosier nights inside. However this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the great outdoors, after all Autumn is a beautiful time of year rich in warm red, yellow and gold colours.

Conservatories are a fantastic way to appreciate nature without being too removed from the outdoors. Whilst we most likely bask in the beauty of our own garden and possibly the distant farmers’ fields; there are homes all across the world with conservatory views we could only dream of. So we thought we’d share with you some of our favourites right here in the UK.

1. St Ives, Cornwall

Likened to the French Riviera this beautiful English seaside town is often referred to as the jewel of Cornwall’s crown. Situated north of Penzance, life in St Ives is embraced around the harbour with its crystal blue waters and array of bobbling boats supplying quality fish for surrounding restaurants & residents.

The mid sub-tropical climate is warmed year round by the Gulf Stream allowing you to make the most of the seaside vista and surrounding leisurely footpath walks. You can also spot a winding maze of tiny cobbled streets a blaze with exotic flowers and home to a multitude of paintings, photography and sculptures in a town renowned for its art. Why not take a look at the St Ives Tourism Association and book your trip?

2. The Peak District 

For those lucky enough to live in the upland area in central and Northern England the spectacular views appear endless. The Peak District was declared Britain’s first National Park more than 50 years ago in April 1951.

Home to dozens of market towns and historic houses the Peak District is a protected landscape of more than 555 square miles. The view of rolling hills and sweeping fields are timeless, particularly at dusk or dawn as the soft colours of the setting sun cast mesmerising contours against the landscape. We definitely wouldn’t mind spending our Autumn evening admiring this vista.

3. The Lake District, Cumbria 

Of course the Lake District made our list of spectacular views, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the landscape of England’s Largest National Park?  There’s something about the magnificent lakes and glistening waters that scream tranquillity, particularly as the sun sets, reflecting streams of soft evening light.

The Lake District is home to 12 of the largest lakes in England, Lake Windermere being the largest. The vision of distant mountains (fell if your Cumbrian), fronted by rocky hills, ravines & lakes breath an air of romance, eternalised in the works of William Wordsworth and John Ruskin.

4. Isles of Sicily, St Martins 

Another fantastic location to install a conservatory & enjoy Autumn evenings, this unspoilt island offers spectacular views of idyllic beaches and blooming plant life. St Martins is one of 5 inhabited islands, with many more left to explore, within the Isles of Scilly.

Unsurprisingly, the island is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – believe us when we say once you’re there it’s hard to imagine you are even in the UK.  You’ll able to spot all sorts of wildlife including rare birds, flying above crystal clear waters, all within the 2 mile stretch of this tiny island just off the Cornish Coast. If you fancy exploring these sensational sea views & the home of just 120 people, take a stroll along cliffs, visit the islands vineyard or even snorkel with the Scilly seals.

5. Loch Lomond, Scotland 

Located across both the lowland and highland regions of Scotland, Loch Lomond (& The Trossachs) are Scotland’s first National Park. Its sweeping panoramic views boast stunning scenery of wild and rugged mountains and wooded hills.

The striking views of the famous Bonnie Banks are breath taking in atmospheric beauty. Whilst those who live in the surrounding areas can appreciate the scenery from their own homes, it’s unlikely they do just that. As well as many walking and hiking routes, you could try your hand at boating and water skiing or simply bathe at the waters edge. Take a look at the spectacular views here

These are just a few of many stunning locations across the UK – many of which we’re surprised aren’t in the heart of Italy or the beaches of the French Riviera.

Whilst we appreciate that the majority of you don’t have such views on your doorsteps, we also understand that most of you aren’t ready to let go of summer evenings just yet.

Improve your Autumn/Winter evenings, and check out all of our conservatories so you can still connect with, an albeit colder, outdoors. Give us a call on 0117 9717 880 to speak to our friendly staff or alternatively view our full range of conservatories here.