The Beauty of Woodgrain Effect Doors and Windows

Composite timber look windowsFor centuries our homes have been built with hardwood doors and windows. These were strong and durable, but only if properly maintained – otherwise they were vulnerable to the elements and could easily become rotten or cracked.  They also had the potential to be extremely draughty!

Then along came something new and we were introduced to PVCu.  These instantly became the popular choice due to their low cost and low maintenance. It seemed we would never look back, but for some people the aesthetic quality and chunky profiles have never quite ticked all the boxes.  Now it seems that everyone’s raving about Composite woodgrain effect windows and doors.

What are they?

Composite doors and windows look just like their hardwood cousins but will last for decades with hardly any maintenance at all – just the occasional wipe with a bit of soapy water and you’re done. What’s more, they won’t expand and contract like wood or PVCu so there are no problems with them sticking or letting in draughts. They’re also the perfect choice if you have a period property or live in a conservation area as they retain the character of your home beautifully.

How are they made?

As the name suggests, composite doors and windows are produced by ‘sandwiching’ different materials together to form a solid and rigid structure. They’re designed to address any of the problems associated with either wood or PVCu windows and doors and are guaranteed to not warp or bend like those made from a single material.

A composite window or door starts with a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core, a hardwood layer that gives rigidity, and then a 2mm GRP (glass reinforced plastic) highly resistant, grained surface. The outer frames are also extremely strong as they benefit from being reinforced with galvanised steel.

What are the benefits?

There really are a multitude of reasons to choose Composite woodgrain windows and doors. Here’s our ‘at a glance’ run-down:

  • Looks – Composite doors and windows look exactly like they’re made from hardwood. They have a subtle woodgrain texture and a pleasing matt finish. Probably one of the main reasons why they’re proving to be so popular though, is the fact they look so much like a traditional window or door. They have really slim, sleek profiles and plenty of style. They’ll enhance any property, whatever the age.
  • Durability – these doors and windows will go on looking good for years. Because of their tough, composite structure, they won’t warp, bend or rot like some PVCu and hardwood products can over time. What’s more, they’re tough on the surface too so whatever colour or finish you choose, you can be sure it won’t chip, fade, scratch or peel.
  • Thermal quality – because of their thermal core, composite windows and doors have high performance when it comes to insulation so they’re much better at keeping the heat in and the cold out. That’s good news when it comes to your heating bills too.
  • Security – all of our Composite windows and doors are manufactured to an extremely high standard and have Secured by Design approval. That means you can have confidence that they’ll do their job and keep you safe and secure in your home.
  • Maintenance free – the beauty of Composite products is that you’ll never have to do more than give them a quick rinse with some soapy water or a wipe down with a damp cloth. That will be enough to keep them looking great for many years to come.
  • Colours – you really are spoilt for choice with Composite windows and doors. As well as a choice of authentic looking woodgrain finishes, Crystal Clear offer standard foil finishes in white, clotted cream or Cotswold biscuit. If you’re looking for something more contemporary like a grey or green, there’s a wide range of colours in our standard foil collection. Or you have the flexibility to be creative and can choose any standard RAL colour.
  • Residence R9 windows – if you live in a period property and are looking for windows that will replicate the flush sash timber windows of the 19th century, these will do the job beautifully. They’re hand finished by craftsmen, ideal for use in conservation areas and will appeal to anyone looking for a top end, luxury window. They can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing and give market leading thermal and acoustic performance. In fact they achieved one of the highest classifications when weather tested.

Want to know more?

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a new front door or giving your home a makeover with some smart new windows, why not get in touch with us at Crystal Clear and we’ll be delighted to tell you more about our complete range of PVCu or Composite windows, doors and patio doors.  Just call one of our friendly team on 0117 911 0272 and we’ll be delighted to give you a bit more information or a no-obligation quote.