Mr & Mrs Roberts

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A very belated THANK YOU for our new windows put in during October. We have had so many compliments.

Kevin and Jamie did a fantastic job. They were so careful in my brand new bathroom. I was working on the garden and kept looking up… I could feel the tension and I knew it was the most difficult of all the windows to get out.

Thank you for the extra care n the inside of the kitchen window. The wide beading ad your extra care covered up an eyesore that had been there 20 years.

Kevin and Jamie did a fantastic job, were polite and friendly. They cleaned up every day. They polished my frames and windows until they shone and I put my curtains up straight away.

I had the excuse to be taken out for lunch for several days.

Thank you for the support and confidence Aimee have us (about my new bathroom!!) and also from James and Heather.

We are delighted.

Mr & Mrs Roberts March 23, 2016