A Rated Windows

How can I recognise energy efficient windows?

Recent developments in the double glazing industry now means doubled glazed windows can be rated the same way as white goods and boilers. This simple scheme controlled by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) allows windows that have been put through a rigorous testing process to display a rating from A-G with an A rating being the best.

The window rating system looks at three aspects of performance:

  1. The U value (heat loss)
  2. The G value (solar gain)
  3. The L value (air leakage)

Although these ratings apply to a complete window i.e. the frames and the glass combined. Glass itself plays a major part in the rating that a double glazed window achieves.


Within our range we offer a fantastic choice of energy rated windows. All our options carry the energy saving recommended logo. This coveted logo is awarded to the most energy efficient windows that can help to cut your energy output and help prevent climate change.

In June 2007 the government made it mandatory for house sellers to have available to buyers a “Home Information Pack” (HIPS) Inside this pack is an “Energy rating certificate” (ERCs) which tells the buyer how efficiently the property uses and conserves energy and also includes the environmental impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This was suspended when the coalition took over in 2010, however EPC’s are now required and Crystal Clear windows will impact on the overall performance of your certifiacte once installed.

By installing windows from the Crystal Clear range you will be helping improve the overall performance of your home. Which will not only reduce your heating bills and CO2 emissions but it could improve the value of your property and speed up any future sale.

Other benefits of installing Crystal Clear energy windows include.

  • Reduction in condensation of up to 70% virtually eliminating the potential breeding ground for a range of bacteria, mould and dust mites that could be harmful to people who have respiratory conditions.
  • Reduction in noise transmission by up to 2 DB which helps you keep your home an oasis of calm, away from the noise of the outside world.
  • 94% reduction in heat loss which helps to warm your home, not the environment.

For more on energy efficiency ratings contact Crystal Clear today, our experts can help answer any of your questions.