Crystal Clear have built a number of Orangeries for discerning clients across Bristol and Bath. We can help you with a professional design and build of your Orangery – call us on today on 01179 717 880.

Our team prides itself in being able to take full control from start to finish of any project. If you need an extra room or need to extend say a dining room or kitchen then an Orangery is a great way to achieve this.

Find out more on how to choose the right Orangery for your home – check out our 5 tips below:

1. Give careful thought to how your Orangery will be used

Most people plan to use their orangery to relax in with friends and family though we know some others have turned theirs into a dining room, an office an even a very large playroom for their children! Think carefully about what you intend to use your orangery for, it could alter the style, size and ultimately the price.

2. Orangeries are not a cheap solution

Orangeries do not come cheap and bespoke should get you the very best quality and build so we always state do your research, get at least a few quotations, avoid the cheapest as from our experience its just not worth it

3. The difference between an Orangery and Conservatory

Conservatories generally make much more use of glass in their construction tend to be a little less private than an orangery and generally better match the style of your home’s exterior. In some cases a conservatory maybe better suited in terms of style however it can be easier to secure planning permission if buildings (especially older ones) are in keeping with the existing look.

4. Make certain your installer can work to a given timescale

Orangeries cannot be built in an afternoon but neither should they take several months to complete either. Realistically your orangery should be complete and in use in a matter of weeks any longer will just leave your home looking more of a building site than you might expect.

5. Research your required glazing material

With polycarbonate, clear glass and performance glass now on the market it pays to do your research in finding out which material is best for your orangery. Our advice? Choose a type of glazing that is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Ultimately it is important to get an orangery that is bespoke to your needs, adds to the look and the value of your home and is built to last by professionals. For more information on Orangeries and having one built for your home then call our main Bristol office on 01179 717 880