New Composite Door for Returning Client

Case Study stampAt Crystal Clear we pride ourselves on great customer service and even greater products. And having worked with one of our latest clients for the past 8 years we think we can safely say we’re doing our job right.

Find out how we got on, and how you might benefit from a Composite Door from Crystal Clear.

The Installation Project

Having previously replaced the windows and installed a beautiful conservatory, we were asked Modo Contemporary Composite Doorback to this particular household yet again. This time to replace the existing front door.

Our team arrived at the customers house and began removing both the porch door, inner door, and screens. In its place we installed our Modo Contemporary composite door; complete with a satin glass side screen.

The team even levelled off the internal flooring to ensure a new spacious hallway area. And yes, the door really is pink inside; its all in prep for the matching wallpaper we’re told.

Why You Should Consider a Composite Door

Hardwood doors certainly look great, but in reality they are only strong and durable if maintained properly. If not, they’re vulnerable to the elements, can easily rot, crack, and have a strong potential to be pretty draughty.

So, if you love the aesthesis of traditional materials but not the associated functionality then we’d highly recommend composite. Designed to look just like their hardwood counterparts, Internal view of a Pink composite front door Composite Doors will last significantly longer with minimal maintenance.

In fact, there are a host of reasons as to why you should choose composite woodgrain doors and windows:

  • Durability – A tough, composite structure that doesn’t warp, bend or rot. And, whatever colour you choose you can be sure it won’t chip, fade, scratch, or peel.
  • Security – Secured by Design approval and high security locking systems to ensure your home is safe and secure.
  • Thermal Quality – Thermal core means high performance when it comes to insulation.
  • Colours – Authentic looking woodgrain finishes, standard foil finishes, contemporary colours, and creative choices with more than 150 RAL colours.

Intrigued? Give Us a Call

Whether you’re front door needs updating, you’d simply like a change or are looking for something with better security features then why not get in touch with us at Crystal Clear?

Just give our team a call on 0117 911 0272 for more information and advice or a no-obligation quote.