Listed Buildings: Consent & Planning Permission

Cotswold Stone House Is it about time that you updated your windows and doors? Maybe a fresh lick of paint, an upgrade to double glazing, or new replacement windows entirely?

Whilst you should always consider planning permission and building regulations regardless of the property, it is not always required. However, should you reside in a listed building obtaining specialist consent as well as standard planning permission is vital.

We discuss below in more detail so that you won’t be caught out:

What Exactly is a Listed Building?

We could all take a guess at what a listed building is; something old, fancy looking, and somewhat historical in nature.

But in more exact terms, a building, structure, or even object that has been judged to be of national importance in terms of architectural or historic interest is likely to be included in the register which is intended to prevent the unrestricted demolition, alteration, or extension of a listed building.

Including a wide variety of structures, from castles and cathedrals to manors and cottages, local authorities back in 1932 were given the power to protect such historic buildings through The Town and Country Planning Act.

It is deemed that historic buildings add to the quality of our lives, being an important aspect of the character and the appearance of our towns, villages, and countryside. To protect the physical evidence of our past, including buildings, which are valued and protected as part of our cultural heritage there are a handful of factors that will affect the decision:

  • Architectural Interest – issues such as architectural design, decoration, and craftsmanship.
  • Historic Interest – connections with a nation’s social, economic, cultural, or military history.
  • Close Historical Association – connects with nationally important people or events.
  • Group Value – relevant where buildings comprise an important architectural or historic unity or are an example of great planning such as squares, terraces, and model villages.

You’ll Need Listed Consent

Listed building control is a type of planning permission which protects buildings of architectural and historic interest. On the whole, consent for a listed building will almost always be required when altering the windows for cottages, manors, or even castles; from minor changes to full replacements. In fact, the alteration of any feature to a listed property without the necessary consent is deemed a criminal offence.

It is often suggested that historic windows should be retained wherever possible. However, this is not always possible so you’ll need to obtain permission by seeking the advice of your local planning authority and completing an application form.

Do I Still Need Planning Permission?

The requirement for listing building consent is not the same as for planning permission. In addition to the above consent, listed status can often result in the requirement for planning permission where it wouldn’t ordinarily be required.

Planning permission, as with any property, will depend on the particular work that is involved.

More Help and Information

You must always check if you need approval before you construct or change a building in any way.

In regards to planning permission, you don’t necessarily need to get approval yourself if you use someone like Crystal Clear. For more help and advice when looking for windows, doors or even conservatories give the team at Crystal Clear a call on 0117 9717 880.