What does your Front Door Say about You?

Selection of brightly coloured front doors As the saying goes; first impressions count. And, as we have recently found out, this apparently doesn’t just apply to you individually. In fact, the exterior of your home can say a lot about the people living inside.

Dulux Weathershield have recently completed research that revealed Brits make an assumption about a person in just 10 seconds after seeing their front door.

It seems that we really are a nation who judges a book by its cover. Find out what the colour of your front door supposedly says about you below:

Psychology of Colour

Often used in the advertising and marketing spheres the psychology of colour discusses how, as humans, we are influenced by our surroundings.

Whilst there are undoubtedly slight variations in interpretation and meaning there is strong evidence to suggest both mental and emotion effects that colours can have in all areas of life.

But when it comes to your front door Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist says, “the front door is traditionally the first impression the outside world gets, and gives an insight into your life. Taking pride in the exterior of your house not only improves the aesthetic of your home but can also add to the perceived value. A small change can make a big difference. “


Those living behind a yellow front door are said to be the happiest and most welcoming hosts.

Walking the line between individualism and crowd-pleasing the colour hints at a positive attitude. Some would even suggest the one that lives here is an early riser.


Supposedly a world of order and control lurks behind a black front door. An air of elegance is said to grace the style within whilst the homeowners are thought to be a mysterious being.


To many, white is the colour of perfection and often associated with light, goodness, innocence, and purity.

A white door is likely to begin a guest’s journey into the simple and organised décor behind it.


Traditionally, a red door would have signalled a hospitable home. And whilst that may still be right in many cases, psychologists now believe those with a red door are passionate homeowners.

It is suggested that you enjoy a bit of attention and try to live life fully this goes hand in hand with the enjoyment of entertaining.


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Associated with sincerity it is also suggested that grey is a particularly indecisive colour. A mix between black and white homeowners supposedly prefer to compromise thus giving both sides of an argument equal weight.


Those residing in a property boasting a blue door are said to enjoy peace and value truth. They are well grounded and true to themselves and a relaxed, easy-going family.

A navy blue door on the other hand indicates intelligence.


Traditional values are said to lay within the home of a green front door. Said to be ambitious and strive for personal betterment green generates a feeling of safety suggesting a harmonious home environment.

Green is also affiliated with money leading to suggestions that these homeowners are good with their money.


This traditional and almost untouched finish offers up the impression that the homeowners and generous, down to earth, and welcoming to all who enter their home.


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Feeling Inspired?

Offering a portal into your personality, perhaps it is time for a new front door.

Composite doors are a great choice if you want to inject some colour into your exteriors. Available not only in subtle and authentic woodgrain textures you can also choose from standard foil finishes and a further 150 RAL colours.

If you’re looking to update or replace your front door, then give the team a call on 0117 9171 0272 for more information, advice, and a no-obligation quote.