Conservatories vs Single Storey Extensions with Bi-Fold Doors and Rooflights

The sun is out, and you have made up your mind; this year you will have the extension you were dreaming about for years. Now that you have decided to upgrade your home, the burning question is what type of extension to choose?  Should you go for a conservatory or a single story extension with contemporary rooflights?

If you are struggling to decide which structure to go for, this guide will hopefully help you to pick the best solution for your property. Read on to learn more about the benefits and things to consider when thinking about conservatories and extensions.

4 things to bear in mind before extending your home

Before you start your project, it is wise to get information about design options, planning, construction and building permission.

  1. Consider your neighbours
    Before you secure the planning permission for your extension from your local planning authority, you need to think about light to ensure that you will not directly block light from any of your neighbours’ windows. Your neighbours have the “rights to light” which overrides your permitted development rights. This law is usually relevant in city centres where houses are in close proximities and extensions are more likely to reduce light.
  2. Insurance
    Did you know that most home insurance will not cover the building if you change the structure of the build? Extension, conversion or renovations fall into this category. You will need site insurance to cover the existing building and the new construction. If your builder tells you that they have insurance, always make sure you check the coverage to avoid a legal dispute if something goes wrong.
    If you leave the property vacant during the development, you will also need to advise your insurance company and take out unoccupied building insurance.
  3. Room Sizes
    When you finally extend your home, you might feel the temptation to create as many rooms as possible. However, it is wise to consider room sizes. If you opt for more rooms with small sizes, you might end up with an extension which is not comfortable to use. Most local authorities make recommendations regarding minimum room sizes which your planning application must comply to.
  1. Trees
    If you need to remove trees from your property to make space for the extension, make sure you check with your local council that the trees are not protected under the Trees Preservation Orders. If the tree(s) in question are protected, do not remove them, because altering them is a criminal offence and can result in fines.

Benefits of Conservatories

If you plan to bring the outside in, conservatories are the best way to achieve this. Add in bi-fold doors and you’ll appreciate the view of your lovely garden regardless of the weather.

  1. Space
    Conservatories create additional living space by increasing the size of your home. You can use the extra room for any purpose. Your glasshouse can make a beautiful, light dining room for the whole family; it can be a home office, a bedroom or even an extension to the living room.
  2. Light
    As conservatories are built from transparent materials (mostly glass), they benefit from a great deal of natural light. Natural light is excellent for elevating your mood, and the extra vitamin D will boost your energy level. Natural light is superb for working in or relaxing with guests during the sunny months.
  3. Added Value
    When you opt for a conservatory, you can increase the value of your property instantly and make it attractive for future buyers, should you decide to sell your house one day. As the natural light filters in, it gives the impression that your home is much larger than it is.
  4. Sanctuary
    Are you a bookworm? You will love to read in your cosy conservatory and forget about the world. Even if you do not fancy reading, you can always relax and enjoy the view out to your garden all year round.
  5. Variety of Design Options

Another significant benefit of conservatories is their various design option. You can fit them to any property matching the style of the original building.

Things to consider

Although conservatories nowadays are built from energy efficient materials, in colder months they still may be more expensive to heat than other rooms in your home.

The good news is that there are plenty of heating and temperature control options to choose from to ensure your conservatory’s heating and cooling system works efficiently and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Single Storey extensions

Do you want more natural light but don’t fancy a conservatory? A single storey extension with bi-fold doors and roof lights will be an excellent option for you. Roof lights are a fantastic option for letting more natural light in and have an added value of providing you with aerial views or night skies or sunrises.

  1. Flexibility
    Compared to conservatories, single-storey extensions offer more flexibility on size and location. You can choose a front or rear extension as well as side extension or even extend into the roof to add extra space.
  2. Better insulation
    Extensions benefit from better insulation than conservatories thanks to insulated walls and roof. That means they tend to be a lot warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer.
  3. Value for your money
    This home improvement will add significant value to the asking price of your property.

Things to consider

Possible fluctuations in costs as the building estimate, labour and materials might vary during the process. There are possible unforeseen factors which could alter the plan and design. For example, drains and foundation can cause unpredicted additional work.

The construction process is more disruptive than in the case of a conservatory. Tools, scaffolding and materials can take up space and cause disturbance to others.

Depending on what you are building you might end up temporarily being without your kitchen, living space or bathroom. Ensure you plan ahead to minimise the hassle.

To make your final decision focus on your personal preference and take into consideration any limitations your garden/house, planning regulations and your budget present.

How Can Crystal Clear Help you?

Our expert team at Crystal Clear have the expertise to seamlessly install your dream conservatory or single storey extension with rooflights. Whatever conservatory design you have in mind, we can make it a reality. Visit our Brislington showroom or call us on 01179 717 880.