Why Composite Doors Out Perform Traditional Timber Doors

Composite Wooden Door on House Exterior Choosing the right material for your front door can often be a tricky decision; especially when you’re a little inexperienced about what is on offer.

A traditional timber finish is a much sought after appearance for many residential properties. However, they are often expensive and generally require more maintenance. uPVC is certainly the cheaper option but can be seen as less secure and not quite as visually appealing.

Composite doors however, offer the best of both worlds and are, in our eyes, the clear winner. Let us explain to you in a bit more detail:

What Exactly is a Composite Door?

Designed with the knowledge and freedom of using multiple materials, Composite Doors overcome the flaws associated with other uPVC and wood products.

Visually similar to their hardwood counterparts, Composite Doors generally last much longer with minimal maintenance. They’re also the perfect choice if you have a period property or live in a conservation area enabling you to retain the character of your home beautifully.

Cost & Maintenance

The initial cost of a Wooden Door may in fact be less than Composite. However, wood is strong and durable only if maintained regularly and is otherwise particularly vulnerable to the elements. It can therefore lead to peeling, warping and swelling; something which will not happen with a Composite solution.

Composite doors are significantly more durable thanks to their tough, composite structure. Even more the surface is strong enough to ensure that it doesn’t fade, or scratch.


Composite Doors are available in subtle, authentic woodgrain textures to ensure that they look just like their wooden cousins. But, unlike Wood Doors you’ll find a slim, sleek profile.

In addition, you can choose from standard foil finishes, and a further 150 RAL colours giving you complete creative control and endless possibilities. We recently replaced the existing front door for a returning client with a Composite one which was completed with different colour finishes on both the exterior and interior. Find out how we got on with the project here.


Okay, so we’ll give Wood Doors their due in this case and say in terms of security both options do a pretty sound job.

However, a Wooden Door will become much less secure if it is poorly maintained; something which will not happen with a Composite Door. In fact, all of our Composite Doors are “Secured by Design” approved and boast high security locking systems to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

The Apeer Collection

As one of our most popular ranges of Composite Door solutions the Apeer collection provides a practical but elegant solution. With security at its very core they use a combination of strong and robust materials including steel, high density polyurethane, and toughened triple glazed units.


Again, both Wood and Composite provide excellent thermal and noise insulation. However, Composite retains its properties over time with minimal maintenance. Offering high performance thanks to its thermal core its great news for your heating bills.

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