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How Is Secondary Glazing Different to Double Glazing?

Secondary Glazing ExplainedWhen choosing your new or replacement windows you are likely going to be faced with a host of decisions. Do you need planning permission? What material are you going to go for; uPVC, aluminium, composite? What about the style? Are you looking for casement windows, bay windows, or sliding?

But perhaps one of the most important decisions you will need to make refers to the type of glass. A choice that is a little more limited than those above, but one of incredible importance, you should fully understand what you options are. Therefore we thought we’d explain to you the difference between secondary and double glazing; a confusion which faces many who don’t quite understand how they differ.

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A 5 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Window

How to Choose the Right Windows for your Home Selecting new or replacement windows can often be an overwhelming experience; there’s so much to choose from. Not only do you need to consider materials and window style but you’ll need to keep in mind building regulations and planning permissions.

Additionally new technology has advanced considerably and a set of windows can make your home considerably more energy efficient; so you’ll need to watch out for these options too.

If this all sounds like a lot to think about, why not take a look at our simple and easy guide to choosing the right windows for your home?

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Do I Need Building Regulations Approval?

Understand Building Regulations for Windows and DoorsWhether you want to install new windows in your property or wish to replace existing ones with double or triple glazing there are a handful of aspects you will need to consider. Choosing the right type of window is of course important in your decision. But whether you go for casement windows, bay windows, triple glazing or a fantastic coloured choice the gritty details such as building regulations and planning permissions are essential.

This week Crystal Clear would like to highlight a series of considerations when making changes to your home with regards to new windows and replacements. Follow our simple guidelines below to help you on your way:

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5 Fascinating Window Facts You Never Knew

This week the team at Crystal Clear were talking windows, like we do most days, when a couple Window Facts You Never Knew About Windowsof interesting facts were thrown about the office. So, we thought we’d share these with you in our latest blog so you too can appreciate the wonders that are windows!

The Invention of Glass

The earliest known glass artefacts are Egyptian and date back to 1350BC. The earliest known glass objects were beads, believed to have been accidently created and remained a luxury material for hundreds of years to come. But it was the Romans who first produced transparent glass as it enabled them to admire the colour of their wine.

Here’s another little fact for you… You may have heard many say that glass is a liquid which has cooled but not yet crystallised. They suggest that instead it flows incredibly slowly. Well, however fascinating that may be, this little snippet of knowledge it nothing but a myth. Glass is of course solid, more specifically a amorphous solid.

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Are Trickle Vents Really Necessary?

So you have already invested in double glazing? But are you making sure your home is well ventilated as well as efficient?

In recent years, with the aim of reducing our bills and minimising the loss of heat, we have developed the ways in which we insulate our homes.

Whether you choose to protect against the elements with wall insulation, roof insulation, or of course double (or even triple) glazing our homes are subject to increasingly restricted ventilation.

The resulting factor is an increase in moisture in the air leading to condensation, mould, and damp. Not only does a lack of ventilation cause problems within our homes but it can also become damaging to our health as we experience an increase in humidity, allergens and other irritants.

However, rather than defeating the object of insulation by opening windows and doors to rid our homes of additional moisture, trickle vents are an ideal solution.

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Is Double Glazing Worth It?

When buying new or replacement windows for your home you should certainly consider all the benefits that double glazing can offer you. Improve your home efficiency, emit lower CO2 emissions, reduce condensation and decrease outside noise levels all with a sound investment of double glazing.

Let us explain exactly why double glazing is worth it, especially as we enter colder Winter months.

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