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What Makes a Good Window?

Technology is seeing advances every day and we’re not just talking about mobiles and computers – we’re talking about windows.

 With all the science, research and products around these days, it can be overwhelming to choose what windows are best for you. When making an investment that big, you want to ensure that you are getting the best deal but end up with a final product that is best for you and your needs.

At Crystal Clear we have compiled a simple list of what we think should be on your check list to consider before going out and making the purchase.

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Cancel out the Noise with Double Glazing


Taxi in motion in LondonNoise pollution is a real problem for many homeowners with noisy neighbours, nightlife and the biggest bugbear, busy roads. Particularly if you are raising a young family or working during unsocial hours, getting proper rest without the worry of noise is paramount.

Thanks to advances with technology, getting access to noise-cancelling windows is very affordable and makes all the difference. Take a look here to find out how double glazing can be a solution for your noisy home and other ways to keep the noise out.

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Listed Buildings: Consent & Planning Permission

Cotswold Stone House Is it about time that you updated your windows and doors? Maybe a fresh lick of paint, an upgrade to double glazing, or new replacement windows entirely?

Whilst you should always consider planning permission and building regulations regardless of the property, it is not always required. However, should you reside in a listed building obtaining specialist consent as well as standard planning permission is vital.

We discuss below in more detail so that you won’t be caught out:

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The Beauty of Woodgrain Effect Doors and Windows

Composite timber look windowsFor centuries our homes have been built with hardwood doors and windows. These were strong and durable, but only if properly maintained – otherwise they were vulnerable to the elements and could easily become rotten or cracked.  They also had the potential to be extremely draughty!

Then along came something new and we were introduced to PVCu.  These instantly became the popular choice due to their low cost and low maintenance. It seemed we would never look back, but for some people the aesthetic quality and chunky profiles have never quite ticked all the boxes.  Now it seems that everyone’s raving about Composite woodgrain effect windows and doors.

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Top Tips to Insulate Your Home This Winter

Keep your home insulated this Christmas and save on energy blls

When does winter start for you? Is it when you have to switch the heating on, when you first reach for the wooly socks or when the clocks go back? In astronomical terms, winter officially starts on 21st December this year. That’s the date of the winter solstice or the shortest day of the year.

If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to take a look around your home and do what you can to get it ready for winter. With rising fuel bills, the last thing you want is for all your heat to be going out through the roof or creeping through the gaps under your doors.

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Seamless Glazing, Windows, and Doors – Crystal Clear Launch Lumi

Front of a large houseAccording to Apeer, your perfect house should reflect you, your world, and how you choose to live in it. They believe that you should exist in a living space that offers the best possible light.

With this in mind, the glazing manufacturers have recently introduced their new Lumi range which offers minimalist wall to wall glass bringing new, improved levels of brightness to every aspect of your home. With such a fantastic product on the market, Crystal Clear are excited to announce that we can now bring this ground-breaking glazing solution direct from our very own premises.

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Developments In Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass could make the world of differenceThere was a time when the idea of self-cleaning glass seemed, quite frankly, a bit ‘pie in the sky’. The very notion of it was comparable to the space-age images of us living in the 21st century, travelling around on hover boards or eating energy capsules rather than tucking into a good old Sunday roast.

However, what was often described as an impossible dream is very much a reality now and self-cleaning glass is being used extensively in all manner of commercial buildings as well as in our homes for windows, doors and conservatories.

Here at Crystal Clear, our customers often ask us how it works and if it’s worth spending the extra money to upgrade their windows and doors with self-cleaning glass – so here’s everything you probably wanted to know but didn’t like to ask.

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Blog: Avoid the scary practices of cowboy fitters

Broken Wall v2What’s going to scare you the most this Halloween? Being greeted at your front door by a witch dressed all in black? Or lying awake at night worrying about which company to trust to fit your new windows?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories. Windows that don’t fit, doors that won’t open and conservatories that you wouldn’t want to sit in if your life depended on it. There are some seriously dodgy companies out there who obviously haven’t even heard of customer satisfaction, let alone won any awards for it. Yet on paper (and on the internet) they look quite trustworthy and present themselves as a bona fide company who will give you a good product and a great service for the right price.

So how can you be sure that the company you choose to give your home a makeover, won’t make off with your money, leaving you with a Halloween horror story of your own? Here are some of our top tips for checking out a double glazing company before you commit to buy anything from them:

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Why Do My Windows Suffer From Condensation?

Condensation being wiped off a windowWhen it’s a boiling hot summer’s day and someone hands you an ice cold drink dripping with condensation, it’s somewhat satisfying yet rarely ever questioned.

Now imagine the same but on a cold winter’s morning dripping down your windows… it’s just not as satisfying.

Condensation occurs when warm or humid air collides with cold glass or windows, causing droplets to be formed. If you’re windows look like a dull, old pint glass then you may be suffering from condensation.

If you do notice these symptoms, the absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it. Here at Crystal Clear, we want you to feel comfortable in your home and not at risk of dangerous bacteria. So read on to find out how to tackle and prevent water condensing on the inside of your windows:

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