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Listed Buildings: Consent & Planning Permission

Cotswold Stone House Is it about time that you updated your windows and doors? Maybe a fresh lick of paint, an upgrade to double glazing, or new replacement windows entirely?

Whilst you should always consider planning permission and building regulations regardless of the property, it is not always required. However, should you reside in a listed building obtaining specialist consent as well as standard planning permission is vital.

We discuss below in more detail so that you won’t be caught out:

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Do I Need Building Regulations Approval?

Understand Building Regulations for Windows and DoorsWhether you want to install new windows in your property or wish to replace existing ones with double or triple glazing there are a handful of aspects you will need to consider. Choosing the right type of window is of course important in your decision. But whether you go for casement windows, bay windows, triple glazing or a fantastic coloured choice the gritty details such as building regulations and planning permissions are essential.

This week Crystal Clear would like to highlight a series of considerations when making changes to your home with regards to new windows and replacements. Follow our simple guidelines below to help you on your way:

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Conservatory Planning Permission Explained

Conservatories are an excellent solution when you want to create more space in your home Do You Need Planning Permission? without the hassle of an extension. With a sense of bringing the outdoors in, they provide somewhere to relax, dine and socialise for homeowners.

However, there are still a few points you must consider when intending to extend your home, and it’s not just about choosing the right conservatory but the more gritty details of planning permission and building regulations. Follow our simple guidelines below to help you on your way:

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