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Why Bi-fold Doors are Awesome for your Family Home

(and why you should have them fitted in 2018!)Crystal Clear Bifold Doors

This is the time of the year, when Christmas is approaching and with all the family having chosen to gather and celebrate festivities at your home on the day, it feels like it’s going to a little too tight for space again this year. You could take them all to a local pub or restaurant to celebrate but could be rather expensive (certainly if you’re the one paying). You could even make plans to move to a bigger house in 2018 – rumoured to be even more expensive than eating out on Christmas Day! So why not consider upgrading your home in 2018 with bi-fold doors instead?

What are Bifold Doors?

Also known as folding sliding doors, this door type opens by folding back in panels. An older term for them is concertina doors because of the resemblance of the musical instrument. These sliding doors are used as external or internal room dividers and the frames of the panels can be made from different materials such as wood, aluminium or uPVC.

6 Reasons to choose Bifold Doors

  1. First of all: more light. Sliding doors design a seamless environment between outdoor and indoor living by letting natural light streaming in and also create the illusion of extra space.
  2. A cost effective solution for opening up space. By choosing a folding door design you can save money in compared to building a conservatory or moving to a bigger house.
  3. Stylish and beautiful upgrade to your home. The variety of design options as standard bifolds or corner bifolds, ensures finding the right solution to your needs.
  4. Ecologically Advanced option. The new generation of bifold doors meet all the latest heat conservation regulations and you can choose doors made from recycled aluminium as well
  5. Safe and secure: quality sliding doors such as Origin door systems are designed with multi-point locking systems, security hinges, impressive shoot bolts and finger safe gaskets for your little one’s safety.
  6. Long lasting guarantee: well respected manufacturers offer 20 years guarantee on their bifold doors for complete peace of mind.

    How to Choose the Right Bi-fold Doors?

    If you are not sure, which folding door design and material is the right for you, talk to expert installers and make appointments visit their showrooms. You can find our tips below for finding the perfect sliding door solution for your home:

    • Size and quality matters: to ensure you picked the right bi-fold doors for your home, always check it out in person before ordering. If you opt for high quality doors, they will not only last longer with longer guarantees but will also be easier to handle. Choosing a lower quality option can result in doors that are not as easy to slide open giving an inferior, problematic operation.
    • Ensure the entire door system comes from the same manufacturer. Some companies use different manufacturers for different door parts. These can cause quality problems.
    • Get information about threshold fitting and sizes. The threshold will ensure that no draught or rain water enters your home.
    • Guarantee: request guarantee details and make sure the company offers an insurance backed guarantee. This is important because in 20 years companies might no longer be around in their original guise and you may need to make use of the original guarantee.

    Are Aluminium Bi-fold Doors the Best?

    Compared to uPVC and timber aluminium folding doors have a higher initial cost, but because they last longer it is worth investing in them. Aluminium is a very strong material, so the door frames can be much slimmer which enhances your outside view. Aluminium doors are typically low maintenance and particularly thermal efficient.

    If you prefer you can choose aluminium doors to incorporate a wood grain effect as well, giving you greater efficiency over other materials but with a far more traditional look. A variety of options allow matching your new bi-fold door frames to the colour of your existing window frames. The exceptional flexibility of aluminium ensures that more complex structures can be tailored exactly to your needs.

    Need Some Expert Advice?

    At Crystal Clear our Origin Bifold Doors come with the highest quality and 20 year peace of mind guarantee. We are happy to answer all your questions to help you make the right decision.  Give us a call on 0117 911 0272, or just pop into our showroom to meet with our experts face to face and see examples of our bi-folds range up close.