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OB 49 & OB 72

Flawless to operate, fashionable in design and slimline in finish, the OB-49 Slimline from Origin is the complete package.

20 Year guarantee, expert installation, energy efficient

Latest on the Market

New for 2019, this professionally designed and manufactured slimline Bi-fold door has been re-engineered from the industry renowned OB-72. Its sightline of just 49mm means less profile and more glass is achieved, giving you a panoramic view of your surroundings. Featuring many of Origin’s high standard specifications which run throughout their collection, these also feature finger safe gaskets to ensure fingers aren’t trapped and also features magnetic catches which can help hold the doors in place while you operate them.

Strong in Style and Touch

From bright primary shades through to pleasant pastels and ethereal tones, there are 150 different RAL shades to choose from – no matter what scale of simple to sophisticated to outrageous you may require. There is also the dual colour option too to mix up your interior to exterior look. Coated with the highest grade of powder which is applied to the aluminium, it is durable yet smooth to the touch and is highly resilient to the elements. The slave and D-handle – both of which have been specially designed by Origin to withstand a pull of 1600 Newton – is available in any one of the 150 RAL shades providing the utmost customisation to your Bi-Fold doors.

Excelling in Excellence

Manufactured from premium grade aluminium, the in-house research and development team at Origin ensure that it is completely secure, thermally efficient and safety is optimised to maintain and excel in the manufacturing industry. The OB-49 comes with a 3-Star Diamond, British Standard Kitemark locking barrel as standard which is proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping, offering a defence that is second to none. Its specifically designed hinges are engineered to help withstand attacks as we know how high security is on your home agenda. The OB-49 boasts a certified U-Value of 1.2 which exceed the British Building Regulation requirement for optimal thermal efficiency which in the long run will help reduce energy bills.

Colour options

Bi-fold doors are available in many different RAL colours to suit the style of your home. Origin offer over 150 different RAL colours to choose from, including dual coloured frames (inside and out) – so creating your own unique look is easy.

Slimline and Sustainable

The ultimate combination of slimline style vs suitability for our home, its size can be customised to your needs. Ranging from one through to twelve door sets, and with door leaves as narrows as 400mm, as wide as 1200mm and as tall as 3000mm, there is a configuration to match your requirements.

We offer a guarantee of up to 20 years for complete peace of mind, so why not see for yourself the high quality of this Bi-fold doors at our showroom or call to enquire.


No door is complete without its handle, and the Origin Bi-Fold Door comes with the perfect finishing touch. Made with our usual care and dedication, our handles boast modern, elegant styles while striking the ideal balance between unrivalled strength, sleek design and flawless functionality.