A Conservatory for All Seasons

Multicolored windows. Collage of four windows.Given the constant changes in the great British weather, it’s not surprising that many have turned a blind eye to conservatories. Cold in the winter months and oven-like in the summer are common preconceptions leading to a decline in interest from many. Or so was the case.

Sophisticated designs and improved materials over the past few years have boosted their popularity. In fact, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggest the addition can boost the value of your home by 5%. According to Savills it could even be as much as 10%.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look below and find out how you could benefit from a conservatory all year round.

Deciding which Conservatory is Right for You

Before discussing how exactly you could be making the most out of your conservatory, there are a few key pointers to consider when picking one out. For a full overview of what you should think about we suggest having a read of our Guide to Choosing the Right Conservatory.

  • Usage – Think about how you plan on using your conservatory. This will ultimately determine the design of your conservatory.
  • Style and Shape – Consider whether a traditional or contemporary style will suit your property best. Equally, considering where you’re conservatory will be best suited will enable you to choose the most appropriate shape.
  • Roof – Choose between plastic and glass. Each offer their own benefits in terms of design, practicality, pricing, and security.
  • Planning Permission – Conservatories are generally considered as permitted development and do not require planning permission.

Weather Dependent? Not anymore

It has been suggested by many that the ideal time to retreat to your conservatory would be during Spring. The weather is mild and therefore the conservatory isn’t likely to be too hot or cold.

However, as we have mentioned a change in materials and improved designs can ensure that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round. But what can you do if you already have a conservatory extension?

There’s actually plenty you can do to ensure your conservatory is suited for all seasons.

Spring & Summer

For obvious reasons, spring and summer are the perfect months for conservatories. You can do a whole abundance of things with the extra space such as host parties, enjoy time in the sun with family or even start an indoor garden.

Erratic weather patterns synonymous with England means that conservatories are often featured as a second garden, allowing you to work away in a dry indoor/ outdoor living area. Many homeowners see their conservatory as an extension to their garden rather than their house during the sunny months which makes the room quite unique from the rest of the house.

However, a concern for many people is that the room may get too hot with all the sun being in direct contact with it. Take a look at a few tips below which will stop this from being a problem.

Ways to Keep Cool

Whilst fans and air conditioning units are great ideas to prep for the summer, those with older conservatories may need to consider a roof replacement. We recommend the use of Ambience high performance roof glass to assist in controlling temperature without compromising aesthetics and durability. Give the team a call to discuss the best way to replace your conservatory roof. Our experts can ensure you use the correct material for you.

Other options can include:

  • Blinds and Window Films – These will work both ways – they will keep the heat out in the summer and keep the warmth in the winter as well as making the room look more homely.
  • Air conditioning units – Yes these may be more expensive to run, but if you plan on spending a lot of time in your conservatory hosting for friends or spending time with family then it is an investment worth having in place.
  • Fans – this is the obvious choice which will keep air moving around the room. If you don’t plan on installing anything permanent such as ceiling fans, then a decent standing fan is a good investment and can be moved all around the house when needed.

Autumn & Winter

Unlike conservatories back in the 80s and 90s that were usually chilly during the cold months, technology has increased dramatically which means it is now easier than ever to keep your conservatory warm during the winter nights as well as draught-proof, sound reducing and energy efficient.

Ways to Keep Warm

Back before double-glazing was so widely used, it was easy for heat to be lost through windows. However, double-glazing will now dramatically reduce this. The gap between the two panes of glass is filled with air meaning heat loss through conduction is reduced.

Take a look at our recent blog here on how double glazing can enhance your home.

Other options can include:

  • Fitting radiators or heaters – modern radiators can now come in all shapes and sizes which takes away the worry of one not fitting in.
  • High quality blinds or curtains – these will help keep the heat in as well as block any draughts there may be.

How Can Crystal Clear Help?

At Crystal Clear, we have the expertise to install any design of conservatory to suit all types of homes across the Bristol and Bath region. Whether you have a preference in room, shape, size or orientation, we will make sure you settle for nothing less than a room you can use all year round.


skyroomsOur Skyrooms are ideal for all year round use. The brick wall can ensure it functions the same as any other room in the house but that large skylight at the top will give it the unique bright twist you want out of a conservatory. This minimalist modern design will be sure to open up your house all year round.

Lean To

lean toPictured to the left is one of our very popular Lean To conservatories that can be used all year round by using the latest solar control glass. Often, the Lean To conservatory is known as a garden room, sun room or Mediterranean conservatory.

Give us a call

Don’t settle for only using your beloved conservatory one season a year – pay for quality to take advantage of your new space 365 days a year.

Do you need help choosing a conservatory to fit your needs? Give the team at Crystal Clear a call on 0117 911 0272 to speak to a member of our team.