8 Ways Double Glazing Enhances Your Home

Double Glazing window being openedUpgrading your windows to Double Glazing can have a significant impact on both the aesthetics and daily operations of your home.

From safety features to thermal performance there is a range of features to ensure your investment in Double Glazing is on that is worthwhile.

Find out how Double Glazing could benefit you and your household below:

What Exactly is Double Glazing and How Can I Benefit?

Windows consist of two glass window panes. The largely popular option consists of two panels of glass sandwiched between an outer and inner frame. These are separated by a vacuum or gas (often Argon) filled space which acts as an insulator.

But the important question to ask is, “how can double glazing enhance your home?”. Well we have the answers:

Sound Insulation

Do you live in a busy street with noisy surroundings?

Noise pollution is a real problem for many with air traffic and busy roads being the bugbear of many homeowners. However, thanks again to the structure of Double Glazing noise levels can be reduced. The gap between the panes of glass alters the sound wave as it comes through the window unit, reducing the noise levels in your home.


Double Glazing provides extra strength and a robust design to help deter would-be thieves.

Tighter seals can be fitted with hi-tech locking systems with additional security options available to further protect your home.

Thermal Performance

Did you know that the average sized home could save over £100 a year on heating bills?

The extra pane of glass found in Double Glazing serves to keep more heat inside the property by trapping a layer of air between two panes. Further statistics suggest that you can save up to £9,000 in heating bills over a 20 year period when you use A rated energy efficient glass.

Enhanced Aesthetics

With a wide choice of shapes, colours, and textures available, investing in Double Glazing can really boost the kerb appeal of your property.

Reduces Condensation

Condensation is a real problem in many homes across the country.

Acting as an insulator they work by keeping the inside window the same temperature as the room and the outer window the same temperature as it is outside. This means that there are no collisions between the two temperatures and therefore a reduction in condensation.

We’ve written a great blog asking why your windows suffer from condensation and what other measures you can take.


Single panes become weak overtime but Double Glazing will serve you well for an average of 20 years. This, of course, depends on a number of factors such as the quality of materials used, temperature differences, the workmanship of the installation, and even the geographical location of the home.

In addition, all of Crystal Clear’s windows are “A-rated” according to the British Fenestration Rating Council Scheme and as such come complete with a 10-year peace of mind guarantee.

No Planning Permission

You do not usually need planning permission to replace or add new windows in the original walls of your house. You will, however, need to follow building regulations guidance for new or bigger windows and doors.

However, you may need planning permission to replace windows if conditions were attached to the original permission or you live in a period property.

Note that Bay Windows are classed as extensions.

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