5 Steps to Hiring a Window Fitter

Unfortunately, all across the UK window fitters are rather unpopular tradesmen: we’ve all heard the stories of absurd selling techniques and pressurised partnerships. Combined with a nation of unrealistic expectations when employing said window fitters, is it any surprise that more than 22,000 complaints are filed every year regarding rogue traders?

This is why we believe quality comes to those who wait!

With over 13,000 installation companies in the UK it can be difficult to separate the professionals from the cowboys. Rushing to find a tradesman who can fit your windows in no time, certainly won’t help the cause.

To support you on your way we have complied a few tips to ensure you don’t end up as another statistic on the complaints file; although the process may take longer, we are sure you’ll avoid the wrong installers.

Ask for Recommendations 

Why go with a window fitter that you have plucked from the pages of google or your local telephone directory without any reassurances of their work? Take the time to ask you friends, family and even colleagues who have employed a window fitter in the past about the service they have received. Why not go and take a first-hand look at the finished work too? This way you can be assured that the tradesmen you hire know exactly what they are doing and the level of craftsmanship you can expect from them.

Don’t let yourself feel pressurised

Sometimes it is easier said than done to avoid buckling under the pressure of purposely intriguing, yet ludicrous sales pitches. But don’t fall for it! These sneaky, smoke and mirror techniques are employed to make each customer feels as though they are getting a special once chance offer. The staged phone calls to managers are simply there to add to the effect before you realise that the reason they can cut prices so low, is because the job probably won’t be done right. Instead, send them on their way and compare with your other quotes (see below).

Get at least 3 quotes 

Like with any big purchase, whether you are buying a new car or looking for a new home, you are unlikely to buy the first one you see without browsing other options first. Employing a window fitter is no different; so shop around, not just for the price but for the person you are hiring too.

We suggest acquiring at least 3 quotes so you can compare prices and understand how much you should realistically be paying. Whilst low quotes are tempting, don’t be drawn in as this can be just as problematic as paying too much. As Red Adair once stated, “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”.

A Waiting List is a Good Thing

Often, when customers want a job done they want it completed as soon as possible disregarding the concept that quality comes to those who wait. Professional, recommended and well respected window fitters are likely to be booked weeks in advance and you should probably join the queue.


A busy tradesman is a successful tradesman. A lengthy waiting list is a sign of high demand due to excellent workmanship. Instead, alarm bells should sound when installers offer to fit you in to their schedules in the following days with the promise of a quick turnaround. Ask yourself; why can they fit me in so quickly? Do they not have other jobs to go to? It may seem appealing but rush jobs from the wrong installers can come at costlier prices and additional time wasting than having employed reliable, carefully chosen fitters in the first instance.

Look out for DGCOS members

At Crystal Clear we strongly recommend that you use a Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) member. As a founding member ourselves, we can’t recommend watching out for DGCOS enough.  It is the first scheme to provide much needed protection for both consumers and installers alike. Even more those who use DGCOS window fitters have free access to professional mediators and independent inspectors in the event that they are needed.

So remember a rush job from the wrong installers may come at a higher cost than hiring someone in high demand. Take your time choosing the right window fitter and keep these tips in mind. For more information, or a free no obligation quote from Crystal Clear call us on 0117 9717 880