Ways to Renovate your Home this Winter

With Winter rapidly on its way, many of us are packing up our Summer home projects and saving them for next year when the sun’s back out. So maybe during the Winter we can’t re-tile the roof, spend hours in the garden or get that wood project moving in the front garden, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to renovate the inside of our homes during the cold season.

We have accumulated 7 ways on how to revamp your home this Winter:

  1. Paint your Doors and Skirting Boards

A little lick of glossy paint goes a really long way in making your home look fresh and modern. You’ll wonder how you didn’t notice how discoloured they were before! Particularly in areas like the upstairs landing where there are lots of doors next to each other, it will look really fresh as well as clean.

Make sure to do them all at the same time to avoid having lots of different shades of white. Take the doors off their hinges, stand them up in a safe place, cover them and get painting! It looks even brighter when you paint the skirting boards at the same time.


  1. Where do your Walls look Bare? Cover them up…

A good quality centrepiece is a must have to take a home from boring to bold. It only takes a small amount of time to hang up something on a bare wall (dependant on how extravagant you go) but it will make a huge impact. It’s definitely something you can do whilst outside is looking dark and dismal.

If you can’t decide or afford a nice piece or art, why not go for a great looking mirror? Adding a mirror to the wall adds depth to a room and will also make it brighter by reflecting natural light.


  1. Check your Windows for Drafts

Ill-fitting windows and doors can be a really big problem particularly during the winter months with the cold air seeping through the cracks and warm air escaping. Now is the best time to get this checked out before it gets too late and too cold.

The best option in this scenario would be to get your windows replaced to more energy efficient ones, particularly if your windows are reaching the end of their life span. This will also avoid the inevitable fact that they will break again if they happen to be of poor quality from a previous supplier.

However, if that isn’t the best financial option for you this winter, try these 3 ways to avoid draughty windows:


  1. Treat Yourself to Some New Accessories

Revamping your home doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and paint the entire house a brand new colour. Why not just take your main room and switch up the accessories?

This is a very inexpensive way to make a big difference to the aesthetics and mood of the room. You could get some matching accessories in reds, browns and yellows for an extra cosy autumn feel.

Try replacing things like sofa cushions, throws, candles, lamps and show bowls to make the room look extra cosy.

  1. Cleaning Tile Grout

Tiles are so much more than just a simple flooring or wall decoration – it can really make or break a kitchen or bathroom. However, one way to make a room look dated is to let the grout between the tiles get stained.

Take an afternoon to clean all your tile grout to completely transform your bathroom or kitchen. Bright white grout will give an immense feeling of freshness and leave it looking like it has only just been done.

To do this, get yourself an old toothbrush and some diluted bleach (don’t forget to follow the safety instructions on the bottle) and use the toothbrush to get right in to the gaps between your tiles. Once you’ve scrubbed the bleach or tile cleaner into the grout, let it sit for 30 minutes – 1 hour before washing off to allow the bleach to lift the deeper stains.

Do this a couple of times a year when the weather leaves you stuck in the house to keep on top of it.

  1. Get a new door fitted

Linking into point 3 above about checking for draughts in your windows, old doors can be prone to letting out heat through cracks, breaks and general wear and tear. Before the weather gets too bad, now is a good time to start thinking about replacing your doors.

At Crystal Clear we supply and fit a wide range of residential doors to homeowners in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, and Gloucestershire.

With choices ranging from Composite and Sliding to Bifold and Patio Doors all of our products are made to measure to your exact requirements in PVCu, purpose-made composite, or aluminium. You will also get a 10 year guarantee on all of our doors so you can be sure that for 10 cold Winters to come, we will be on hand to amend any issues you have with your new door.

  1. Consider additional heating options

Are there particular rooms in your home that become redundant during the winter time? Maybe the conservatory? Consider your heating options now to make your winter a more comfortable one.

This can be anything from installing new radiators, purchasing new blinds or installing underfloor heating.  Take a look at our blog post a conservatory for all seasons to get tips on how to make the most of your conservatory during the Autumn/ Winter time.

How Can Crystal Clear Help you?

We can help you, not just this winter but all year round, with anything from installing new windows, doors, or conservatories or even general repairs to them without having to fully replace the unit.

Don’t let the cold weather put you off home renovations this year. Give us a call on 0117 911 0272 or take a look around our website to get thinking about what you might want to do next.