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Blog: Avoid the scary practices of cowboy fitters

Broken Wall v2What’s going to scare you the most this Halloween? Being greeted at your front door by a witch dressed all in black? Or lying awake at night worrying about which company to trust to fit your new windows?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the horror stories. Windows that don’t fit, doors that won’t open and conservatories that you wouldn’t want to sit in if your life depended on it. There are some seriously dodgy companies out there who obviously haven’t even heard of customer satisfaction, let alone won any awards for it. Yet on paper (and on the internet) they look quite trustworthy and present themselves as a bona fide company who will give you a good product and a great service for the right price.

So how can you be sure that the company you choose to give your home a makeover, won’t make off with your money, leaving you with a Halloween horror story of your own? Here are some of our top tips for checking out a double glazing company before you commit to buy anything from them:

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Why Do My Windows Suffer From Condensation?

Condensation being wiped off a windowWhen it’s a boiling hot summer’s day and someone hands you an ice cold drink dripping with condensation, it’s somewhat satisfying yet rarely ever questioned.

Now imagine the same but on a cold winter’s morning dripping down your windows… it’s just not as satisfying.

Condensation occurs when warm or humid air collides with cold glass or windows, causing droplets to be formed. If you’re windows look like a dull, old pint glass then you may be suffering from condensation.

If you do notice these symptoms, the absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it. Here at Crystal Clear, we want you to feel comfortable in your home and not at risk of dangerous bacteria. So read on to find out how to tackle and prevent water condensing on the inside of your windows:

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