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5 Fascinating Window Facts You Never Knew

This week the team at Crystal Clear were talking windows, like we do most days, when a couple Window Facts You Never Knew About Windowsof interesting facts were thrown about the office. So, we thought we’d share these with you in our latest blog so you too can appreciate the wonders that are windows!

The Invention of Glass

The earliest known glass artefacts are Egyptian and date back to 1350BC. The earliest known glass objects were beads, believed to have been accidently created and remained a luxury material for hundreds of years to come. But it was the Romans who first produced transparent glass as it enabled them to admire the colour of their wine.

Here’s another little fact for you… You may have heard many say that glass is a liquid which has cooled but not yet crystallised. They suggest that instead it flows incredibly slowly. Well, however fascinating that may be, this little snippet of knowledge it nothing but a myth. Glass is of course solid, more specifically a amorphous solid.

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