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Are Trickle Vents Really Necessary?

So you have already invested in double glazing? But are you making sure your home is well ventilated as well as efficient?

In recent years, with the aim of reducing our bills and minimising the loss of heat, we have developed the ways in which we insulate our homes.

Whether you choose to protect against the elements with wall insulation, roof insulation, or of course double (or even triple) glazing our homes are subject to increasingly restricted ventilation.

The resulting factor is an increase in moisture in the air leading to condensation, mould, and damp. Not only does a lack of ventilation cause problems within our homes but it can also become damaging to our health as we experience an increase in humidity, allergens and other irritants.

However, rather than defeating the object of insulation by opening windows and doors to rid our homes of additional moisture, trickle vents are an ideal solution.

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